You can’t stress out because it may lead to you having trouble getting pregnant. But the more you struggle with your pregnancy, the more stress you accumulate.It’s a painful cycle.

Stress—even without its association with pregnancy—can be difficult to deal with. According to the American Institute of Stress, the key systems ofyour body go ona rollercoaster ride when you’re stressed out. From nausea and rapid breathing to migraines, musculoskeletal conditions, panic attacks, and more, there’s no end to the suffering stress brings with it.

As for your reproductive system, stress does a number on your libido, fertility, and cycles as well. For women, stress causes painful menstrual cycles, and that’s the tip of the iceberg. For men, their bodies develop excessive amounts of cortisol, which affects their reproductive system. Stress also impairs one’s testosterone levels and impacts sperm production as well.

In short, stress is bad. And when you’re trying to get pregnant, stress can open up a whole can of unhealthy worms that can impede your fertility journey.

However, stress can be managed. And I can show you how!

Managing Stress during Pre-Pregnancy Days

Researchers from the University of Louisvillefound that perceived stress definitely affected the chances of conceiving, more so during the ovulatory window than any other time during a woman’s monthly cycle.

So for those concerned about their chances of conceiving, the best thing to do is to take the right steps to improve your odds. However, aside from dietary and lifestyle changes, we want to focus more on changes regarding your mental and emotional health.

Not being able to conceive can put a lot of pressure on women. However, because most of us are so determined to get pregnant, we don’t realize that we’re not acknowledging the toll this pressure has on our mental health.

Anxiety can be extremely distressing, and not being able to accept it only adds to our stress.  So the first thing you want to do is accept it.

You’re having problems conceiving, and the issue is stress. And as a result, you’re suffering from anxiety. Instead of ignoring the true cause, focus on the cause of your stress, so you can finally begin correcting whatever is at the root of your problems.

Fertility Wisdom & Wellness is here to help!

Seek help from a medical professional about your fertility chances and find the emotional support you need. Consult with me about your pregnancy journey and ditch the sense of shame you might have about not being able to conceive.

If there is no medical problem that’s causing it, you might feel even more stressed out, because there’s no cause behind you not being able to conceive. Do not feel ashamed, though. Understand that it’s a cycle of stress, anxiety, anger and shame that’s making the situation worse. You must break this cycle if you want to move on and succeed.

As someone who’s been through her own fertility journey, I can help you through this. It’s easy to find a wellness coach, but you need someone who has had experience with fertility issues. With my assistance, it will become much easier for you to let go of this stress.

Perhaps in given time, you may even be able to improve your health enough that you’ll see that double line soon. That is our main goal, after all!

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