What you put in your body matters, and not just when you’re pregnant.

While many doctors do recommend that you manage a healthy diet regime, it’s even better if you prepare your body early on, since it increases your chances of conceiving easily.

A diet that’s high in processed foods and sugar as well as alcohol only delays your chances and leads to greater health issues. And even if you do get pregnant, weight gain and hormonal fluctuations make it difficult for most to carry your pregnancy full-term.

This is why it’s important that you simplify your diet regime and lifestyle by incorporating the right nutrients in your diet. Here’s how you start!

Brush Up on Your Nutritional Supplement Knowledge

An Indian study focused on healthy-looking urban Indians reported that 46 percent of them had concerning vitamin deficiencies. Deficiencies associated with a decreased level of brain function, low immunity, depression, migraines, and more—most of which can make conceiving difficult.

It’s wise to get your complete blood work done then ask your doctor which vitamins you need. Folic acid, calcium, iron, essential vitamins are just some of the nutrients your body will be in desperate need of.

Filter Your Diet

Notwithstanding these daily prenatal vitamins, there are still some nutrients that you’ll need from external sources, like protein, fiber, fatty acids, etc. However, before you can add that to your diet, here’s what you’ll need to filter out of it:

  • High-mercury fish like tuna and swordfish
  • Fizzy, carbonated beverages that are high in sugar (diet sodas are also a no-no)
  • Trans fats from food such as fried food, certain baked goods, and microwave popcorn
  • High-glycemic index foods like honey, doughnuts, French fries, certain cereals and watermelon
  • Alcohol
  • Deli meat like hot dogs and smoked fish
  • Raw animal products like eggs and seafood

An integrative expert can guide you on the right diet for you!  Especially, if you are overweight, have diabetes, or a thyroid condition.

Seek Guidance on Managing a Healthy Diet

As a fertility coach and wellness expert who has been through her own issues regarding fertility, I provide comprehensive guidance on what people should do, and what actually works. From my experience, here are some things you should follow:

  • Eating fruits (depending on your weight, and risk for diabetes) and vegetables every day are important
  • While you can eat to your heart’s content, there’s no need to overeat. 2000 calories are enough.
  • And don’t have sugary cereal for breakfast
  • A cheat day is completely normal
  • Focus on maintaining a normal portion size
  • Maintaining a positive mindset is just as important as everything else!

What’s Next?

The road of conception and pregnancy can be difficult for those who may have problems managing their diet.

However, with the right person by your side guiding you through the way, this journey will not only be less lonely, it’ll be shorter too if you stay steadfast in your efforts!

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