Group Program

While individual health coaching is considered to be more client-centered, group coaching has several benefits of its own. In fact, research has shown that Group coaching improves one’s well-being and increases patient engagement. There’s something very powerful about community support and shared experiences that help you achieve your personal goals in a supportive environment, and group coaching provides exactly that.

Whether you’re looking for a fertility wellness support group to encourage you through your journey, or want to experience the power of community as you embark upon a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Manju has got just the thing for you!

Benefits of Group Coaching

Health coaching in groups has several benefits for each of the group members. These include:

  • Strong sense of belonging
  • Community support
  • Shared experiences of struggles and successes
  • Motivation to meet shared goals
  • Enhanced interpersonal skills
  • Individual growth in a supportive environment
  • Accountability for set goals and actions
  • Reduced feelings of shame & guilt
  • Increased feelings of optimism & resilience

Group Programs by Dr. Manju

At Fertility Wisdom & Wellness, Dr. Manju makes use of preventative medicine and integrative healthcare practices to optimize women’s health. Her methods are especially geared towards improving women’s fertility and increasing their chances of conceiving. Adopting a blend of both eastern and western medical practices, she helps promote overall wellness be it through weight loss strategies, stress management, or other forms of integrative health coaching.

The following group program will soon be available at Fertility Wisdom & Wellness: 

21 Day Fertility Challenge - $47

  • 21 Days of videos on diet, stress, mindset designed to optimize fertility  ($297 Value)
  • 3 Weekly Q & A calls ($497 Value)
  • 21 Day Planner/Customized Workbook ($47 Value)
  • Bonus #1 10 expert Interviews ($297 Value)
  • Bonus #2 Going Gluten Free Video/Ebook ($20Value)
  • Bonus #3 Motivation Video/Ebook ($20 Value)
  • Private Facebook Group for Accountability
  • Total Value: $1,178 -  but yours for only $47

The 21 Day Fertility Challenge is great for kick-starting your fertility journey, providing tremendous value for its price. Set to be offered soon in the upcoming months, the program has limited spaces! In addition to this, Dr. Manju is also available for a 50 minute introductory session for $100.

To get notified about program details and register for it as soon as it becomes available, sign up for our mailing list and stay updated. You can get in touch with Dr. Manju by filling out the contact form for more questions and concerns!


Coming Soon!
12-week "Kickstart" mind/body group coaching program to get you body ready for pregnancy.