Health And Wellness Coach

Health and wellness coaching is a relatively unknown and less talked about in the preventative medicine arena. It combines aspects of behavioral change theory, humanistic psychology, dietary planning, and life coaching to help an individual optimize their health and wellness. By adopting a range of therapeutic practices and strategies, it attempts to integrate orthodox medicine with a person’s lifestyle and their attitude toward change. The results have been so effective that health and wellness coaching has in fact been employed in organizations and work settings to improve employee health and productivity.

Health and wellness coaching enables you to make a positive and long-lasting change that benefits your overall well-being, helps you adopt healthy habits, and develop a positive mindset. It assists you in setting realistic goals and then meeting them through positive reinforcement and encouragement throughout the process. Through a stellar winning game plan, ongoing support and feedback, and, consistent action, you’re able to receive the care you need to optimize your health, whether it’s for weight loss or improving fertility.

What Does a Wellness Coach Do?

A health and wellness coach provides client-centered care that helps in empowering them to achieve their goals and get the desired results. By devising sustainable strategies that’ll be effective for the long-run, they offer each client with individualized treatment and therapy through their skills, knowledge, and expertise. With their aid and assistance, you’ll be able to mobilize your internal values and strengths, let go of negative practices, and make use of external resources that’ll help you improve your overall health.

Diet and lifestyle changes play a huge role in reducing stress, which helps improve your overall well-being. A health wellness coach can help you manage stress, follow a healthy diet, and incorporate certain practices in your routine that make for a healthy lifestyle.

Health &Wellness Coach for Fertility

Adopting healthy practices that improve your overall health also affect your fertility and increase your chances of conceiving. Holistic practices, proper nutrition, supplement intake, and stress management all contribute to improved fertility, and are included in the wellness coaching process. In particular, stress caused by previous unsuccessful and expensive infertility treatments can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being, putting your health at risk.

At Fertility Wisdom Wellness, Dr. Manju makes use of preventative medicine to optimize women’s health and increase their chances of conceiving.  She provides personalized attention to each client, and helps devise a wellness plan based on your specific needs and requirements. This includes emotional support, guidance, and opportunities to reflect on your lifestyle and the changes you’ll need to make. These strategies not just improve your chances of getting pregnant, but also help ensure you have a safe and healthy pregnancy and are prepared to handle whatever challenges you may have to face during the journey. Schedule a 50 minute introductory session (cost $100.00) at the link below.

Through her private coaching sessions, Dr. Manju will help you build your strength and flexibility while also instilling within you a sense of resilience by incorporating both eastern and western medical practices. You can contact us for questions by filling out the contact form.