Integrative Health Coach

What is Integrative Health Coaching?

Integrative health coaching is a relational approach that takes into account the body, mind, and spirit and works on each aspect to promote self-care and wellness. Augmenting western medicine, it particularly targets your behaviors and attitudes towards your own health, helping you make appropriate and much-needed changes that’ll have long-lasting effects on your well-being. By opting for integrative health coaching, you’re able to discover healthy lifestyle behaviors that impact your physical, spiritual, and mental health which then set the foundation for your overall health and happiness and foster a mind-body connection.

What Do Health Coaches Do?

Contrary to popular misconception, an integrative health coach isn’t your average nutritionist or therapist. Their work stretches beyond than just one particular element, and encompasses your entire journey. Think of your health coach as your partner who’s there to facilitate your transition towards a healthier lifestyle. They guide you into recognizing your body’s specific health requirements, establishing realistic goals, and accomplishing those through carefully devised strategies.

Health coaching is a non-judgmental process. In this client-coach partnership, your integrative health coach will join hands with you no matter what your progress has been thus far, and encourage you to make lifestyle and behavioral adjustments that’ll boost your health. By providing a supportive environment where you can adapt and grow, your health coach will help you become aware of your health and what needs to be done to maintain wellness.

How Does Integrative Health Coaching Help You?

Integrative health coaches address your health concerns and by focusing on each aspect of your well-being. In the process, integrative health coaching helps:

  • Facilitate personal discovery
  • Implement behavior change in an organized and structured manner
  • Identify hurdles in self-care and overcome themthrough effective strategies
  • Encouragehealthy behavior changes and provide mindset coaching

Integrative Health Coaching with Dr. Manju

Dr. Manju is a recent graduate of the fellowship program under Andrew Well in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. Dr. Manju at Fertility Wellness & Wisdom has expertise in the field of integrative Medicine and Integrative health coaching. Trained under CoachVille and certified with Wellcoaches, she has dedicated her life to helping individuals meet their health goals and attain a mind-body connection. Dr. Manju is especially committed to helping women improve their chances of conceiving through weight loss, stress management, and health-boosting strategies.

Interested individuals can get enrolled in one of the many programs being offered by Dr. Manju. These include:

  • One to One Introductory Consulting/Coaching Session – $100
  • 3 Month Coaching Package – 9 sessions for $1500 or 2 payments    of $750
  • 6 Month Coaching Package – 18 sessions for 2700 or 2 payments of $1350
  • “Kickstart” – 3 Month Group Coaching Program - $297/month for 3month or a one-time payment of 891
  • 21 Day Fertility Challenge — $47

Space is limited! Get on the waitlist to be notified about specific program details. You can contact us for more questions by filling out the contact form!