Before you can get where you want to go or achieve any goal you want to achieve you must imagine it in your mind and have a clear vision. Having a clear and compelling vision allows you to reach your goals much faster.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more or find a suitable fertility center, it all starts in the mind.  Mentally accept and mentally radiate what you wish to experience in life.  It gives you a victorious feeling even before the wonderful, rich results begin to pour in!

You may be worried, depressed, or anxious.  Just take a deep breath and relax!  Positive thoughts generate positive feelings, and positive feelings generate positive actions.  There is great power in prosperous thinking.  So get into a relaxed, positive state of mind as you read this information.

After we think about things and visualize the outcome we are seeking then it’s time to take action.   Wishful thinking, resilience, or positive mindset alone is not enough.  Without proper action nothing is possible.  Therefore, taking action is essential! Then in time, through some trial and error you will begin to figure out which action is most fruitful for you, but don’t delay in taking action.  Just start, right now!


Now to tweak our mindset training further, I am going to ask you to adjust your mindset as you take action.  You see, action taken in fear and desperation will give you a different result than action taken with gratitude, openness, and the desire to receive.

However, you might be thinking to yourself that removing fear and desperation is hard!  Not so.   There are some basic things you can do to get into a mindset of positivity and gratitude.  I have broken this down for you into six basics steps below:

  1. The first step is to have gratitude for all that is in your life. Make a daily list of three or more things that you are grateful for.

  1. Eliminate negative beliefs! – The second step is to take a close look at all of your beliefs and eliminate those that are negative and replace them with positive beliefs. A simple exercise that you can do is to write down all your negative beliefs on one side of piece of paper and then be bold and turn all of them on their head! What I mean is to write down the opposite of the negative belief.   For instance if you have the belief that you cannot stop eating sugar, the opposite of that would be, “ I have tremendous will power, and I have no problem stopping sugar”.

  1. Create a success vibration – The next step is to create a “success vibration for yourself”. Make a list of 15-20 things that you have accomplished.  Take a look at that list and ruminate over it.  Make this a daily practice.

  1. Visualization -The next step is to start with a small goal and imagine yourself achieving it on a daily basis. When you have mastered this goal then you can create another one or multiple goals. However, in the beginning I recommend that you start small and pick a small achievable goal that you will be successful with.  Remember, we want to create a “success vibration”.  So, that like a 401k retirement plan, the benefits compound and accumulate over time!

  1. Celebrate every success – I want you to celebrate every success that you have, no matter how small. Just soak in all the good feeling and positive vibes.
  2. Create a like-minded community – Create a community of like-minded people that have the same goals. Join support groups to help foster these connections. There may be local groups right in your community.  Do some research on google or create your own Meetup group.   There are many special interest groups on Facebook.  The later also contributes to your success vibration.  Humans are social creatures.  It’s all about support and healthy relationships.  Also ask your close friends and your spouse for support.  They may not be supporting you in the way that you like so that may mean having some very frank discussions.  People are not mind readers sometimes we have to tell people how we want to be loved and supported.

Positive and negative thinking is contagious.  There is a good deal of negativity in the world so sometimes we have  to do some inner work to remain happy and positive.  Your thoughts are incredibly powerful and training our mind is something we are not used to doing.  Be persistent in your desire and take consistent action on a daily basis to retrain your mind.  Writing down your thoughts in a journal is one very consistent practice that will help solidify positive values and beliefs.  You may encounter some resistance along the way and may think that you are not making progress, in time you will find that your thoughts and belief system will change.  Persistence and dogged determination is a characteristic to which success eventually surrenders.  In due time, in accordance with your new thought process, you will see your outer world transform.  You will be healthier, happier, and many of your goals will be achieved.   Your rich mind power will bring forth the right opportunities, events, and circumstances that will bring about abundant and effortless results.  I invite you now to begin soaring forth on another journey into your mind to produce the life that you deserve.


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