Truth be told, your ideal weight depends on a range of factors. So, the idea that a certain range of weight is good for people of certain heights and ages is somewhat problematic. Not only that, it’s wrong!

For example, let’s focus on the supreme fitness (come on, who disagrees here!) of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. His diet includes 7 meals, each following a specific dietary plan. His everyday schedule incorporates plenty of time for exercise, sleep and work. In truth, the man works out every ounce of the energy he gains through his meals. In short, he’s a healthy, active man. Yet, according to the BMI chart, he’s obese.

And this is something you shouldn’t forget. Even someone like him is considered unhealthy, despite the fact being apparent otherwise. This means that your “ideal” weight might not actually be what your average weight loss article says.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you must strive to reach a weight limit that suits your way of life, your dietary habits and your age!

A Note before We Begin

All of the above does not mean that you’re free to eat processed foods all you want, because that’s what your body needs. While we all have a specific weight limit, there are still some basic factors that we all must follow.

Like maintaining a realistic eating pattern that works for you and being with like-minded people who follow a healthy diet can help you reach you ideal weight.  Its not a one size fits all.  Everyone is different.  My coaching is tailored to your needs.

How to Achieve a Healthy Ideal Weight

To start with, go to the right doctor.

While the medical community is learning about diets, different body types and the respective connection between it all, there are still many who consider the BMI standards to be the ideal weight. This is why if you want to achieve an ideal weight, you should go to someone who takes your health and wellness in check, like a professional, certified health/life coach and physician, like me.

Following an integrative health coaching program, I focus on improving not just your body weight but the overall factors that cause it to fluctuate. Together, we encourage your mental and physical health to go through a positive transformation. You become accepting of your healthy body weight, instead of fretting about the idealistic weight goals that society has set for us.

Once you accept that mindset, that’s when you truly achieve your goal of having a healthy ideal weight.

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Losing weight is easy. Keeping it off is not!

Contact me for help. As a professional in the health and wellness field, I can be your guiding light!

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